Blackjack tournaments

Regardless of whether you are playing online or in a land-based blackjack tournament, there are some important factors you ought to bear in mind. The game of blackjack has gained popularity over the past years, especially on the online platform. Blackjack tournaments offer minimum investment with abundant opportunities of will large sums of money. Before you delve into a blackjack tournament, it is prudent to know a number of things like the rules, strategy and winning tips.


Types of Blackjack Tournament

Blackjack tournament comes in different types based on factors like rules, setup and tournament regulations. Below is a list of the common types of blackjack tournament:

Sit and Go Tournaments

This is a common blackjack tournament where you have to pay the entry fee. The tournament commences as soon as the minimum number of players is attained.

Freeroll Tournament

There are two types of freeroll tournaments, Open (completely free) and Points (requires loyalty points to enter). Open tournaments are important to beginners as it helps in building bankrolls. The only challenge is the congestion.

Scheduled Tournament

As the name suggests, these tournaments are set to start at a specific date, time and venue. Players must register in advance and show up at the venue prior to time.

Elimination and Non-Elimination Tournament

In Elimination tournament, a number of players are dropped each round based on a number of chips. Although the rules may vary, the basic idea is the same. On the other hand, non-elimination offers players with only one game round. The one with the most chips is the winner.

Single and Multi-Table Blackjack Tournaments

The difference between these two is self-explanatory. With the single table, players use only one table whereas in the latter has multiple tables. However, multi-table tournaments always end up on a single table as players decrease.

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Blackjack Tournament Rules

It is important to note from the start that blackjack tournament rules differ based on the format in use. But you will come across some common factors as well.

Rotate Deal: the dealers in the game gives cards to a different payer in every hand

Rotate the First Bet: players must bet in an orderly clockwise manner in each hand of the game.

Two Players Advance: only two players with the largest bankroll move to the next round in the first round.

Re-entry Allowed: in case you lose in one round, you can pay an entry fee and re-start.

Keep bankroll: every player must start each round with the same number of chips.

Understand Basic Blackjack Strategy

Studying the basic strategy charts will help you to understand which moves have high rewards so as to make the right decision when it comes to hitting, split, double down, or surrender.

Place Different Bets on Your Rivals

Betting against your opponents is important since most gamers’ results are more or less the same.

Mix Up Your Game Play

If you are on a table where all other players are using approach method, it is necessary to counter-attack them by switching between small and big bets. The secret is keeping an eye on your large wagers so that you can beat the Leader when the right time comes.

Understand Your Tournament Stage

When playing in tournaments like elimination or leaderboard blackjack tournament, ensure you know the right time to place huge bets and when to scale down.

Blackjack tournament tips

Of equal importance to blackjack tournament strategy are the winning tips. If you understand the basics of the game, then you are in the position to get started. Below are tips to help you beat the dealer at all time.

  • Read and understand the rules of the tournament before you start participating in any tournament.
  • Always remember to keep an eye on the chip count of both your chips and your opponent’s.
  • Raise your bets slightly every time your bankroll exceeds that of your opponent.
  • Avoid conversing with spectators when you are playing
  • Create enough time before signing up for any blackjack tournament
  • Learn to way between the cost of the tournament and the potential payout before engaging
  • Take advantage of the blackjack tournament freerolls
  • Do not be too aggressive, especially when you are leading in the tournament
  • Never be afraid to double-down on your last hand.

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