Karamba Casino tournaments

Karamba is a popular online casino offering player with a wide collection of games including online slots tournaments. Since its establishment in 2005, Karamba Casino has made a name for itself for rewarding gamblers with multiple bonuses and promotions.

Slots Tournament

Online slots have been a popular way of earning extra cash while gambling in your favorite casino such as Karamba. In most cases, these tournaments are linked to certain new games and players don’t require any advanced skills in order to participate. Many players who opt for slots tournament value titles more than what they earn from the game and this is the most interesting part of tournaments. However, it should be noted from the start that slots tournaments at Karamba casino have an entry fee. The good news is that you can either play on your mobile device or online.


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Karamba Casino tournaments – How to Play

The format of slots tournaments is simple and all players are assigned a slot machine number upon creating an account with Karamba Casino. You have to wait until the slot machine displays your number before you start playing.

Additionally, both new and advanced players require a winning strategy in order to make the most out of their slots tournaments. Remember, your goal is to spin as many times as you can within the allocated time.

Special Features

All slots games in the tournament have special features to make them more exciting. You will find features like Rebuy and Continue Playing among many others.

Popular Karamba Casino tournaments Games

Karamba Casino offers players with exclusive daily free spins on games like Triple Triple Gold, Cash Grab, Pay Day, Triple Rainbow 7s, Triple 10x Wild and Wheel of Chance.


Slots tournaments are a great way of earning extra coins while enjoying mad un with other players. Other than the money, players are honored with titles too.

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